Thank you for your interest in becoming a BIC Volunteer!

We looking forward to you help and support!

Our volunteers have played a crucial role in the success of the BIC since 1970! We always need volunteers for a variety of events and tasks and we simply can’t keep this all going without you! We also understand you are likely very busy. To be clear, there is NO OBLIGATION to help anytime – help only the events and times that you can. By signing up below you are agreeing to be a volunteer if it works within your schedule. We only ask that if you agree to volunteer for an event(s) that you communicate with us as far as your availability, time, schedule, etc… and treat each event your volunteer for as an important commitment. This will just help ensure that we have enough help for each of our events. We will let you know once you are approved as a volunteer after submitting this form. Please allow up to 7 days for verification. Please refer to our Support & Contact Us page to contact us join come a volunteer. We have a great group of staff and volunteers at the BIC and were happy to welcome more, thank you!  Welcome to Our BIC Community!