We now offer online planning as part of our booking system at no extra charge!

This page explains online planning and gives a sample of online planning.

If you are a current client looking to use online planner, please click here to log in!


After going through this page, if you still have questions regarding online planning, booking, etc., please contact our booking manager – Kevin McCarthy – [email protected]

If you have any questions regarding catering, bar/beverage, or any other specific details regarding your event, please contact our catering manager – Jill Sullivan – (716) 982-3511.

Explain BIC’s Online Planning

Once you have booked a room for an event, you will receive a password for your online planning area. You can plan your details for your event anytime, 24-7, in your own password-protected planning area up to 14 days prior to your event (if your event is booked short-notice please contact us and we’ll come up with a time that it is due that works for you). This will not only make the planning easier, but it will also ensure that the BIC will have everything you need for your event well in advance!

IMPORTANT – Always remember to SAVE you updates!

Do not click submit until your event planning is finished. If you accidentally click submit, no problem! Just e-mail us [email protected]


Please click below for a SAMPLE of the online planning form!

Please do not use this sample for your event – it is just a sample so you can explore it if you are new to this system! 

We have different forms depending on your event so some of these categories may or may not apply to your event, however, it gives you an idea of what the planner can do!

Enter the Event Date as – December 20, 2020

Enter the Password – kevin

when logged in – Click on Planning Form