BIC Pub – Open to the Public

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday – 5pm – 10pm

Friday – 4pm – midnight, Saturday – 4pm – midnight

BIC Kitchen – “The Celtic Table” – Open to the Public!

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday – 5pm – 9pm

Friday – 4pm – 9pm

The Pub is OPEN Daily to the PUBLIC and all are welcome! It features a friendly staff, a variety of drink specials, a tasty food menu, and live music.  We welcome nationalities and backgrounds! You don’t have to be Irish or a member to enjoy all the pub has to offer! Please see our calendar below and we’ll be sure to have a pint ready for you next time you join us!

The Pub Events – We all kinds of drink, food & events and live music in The Pub, Please check our schedule below!

The Pub Parties – We frequently have people who have gatherings at The Pub. Since The Pub is open to the public, you can bring a group anytime!  It is perfect for smaller gatherings that don’t have to be private – like an office happy hour, a birthday, anniversary, etc… Of course, you can just show up as long as we are open, but please feel free to let us know ahead of time and we’d be happy to discuss.

Please click here if you are interested in having a party in The Pub

Calendar – All Events at The Pub!